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Calling London: Travels by British Bankers,1904–63,

Worldwide reports in the archives of the Midland Bank

Edwin Green

Threadgold Press  12.6.17

There is hardly a happening in the world that does not have its repercussions, immediately or eventually, on Overseas Branch. Midland Venture, 1933

From 1904 to the 1960s managers of the Midland Bank in London travelled the world to visit centres of finance and industry and then report back. They often arrived, by chance or intention, at crucial moments in history – Russia in 1909, Austria in 1931, France in 1944, Chile and Japan 1948 and Germany in 1933; for example:

Dr. Fischer was careful to explain to me, quite irrelevantly, that Hitler was a most peaceable and peace-loving man to whom war-like intentions were entirely foreign… W.F. Crick, Berlin, 1933

In a scholarly, informative and fascinating account, Edwin Green sets this rich resource in historical context. While Calling London throws light on local conditions in some serious times, it also includes delightful insights into how British Bankers were seen abroad:

      Mr. Holden is no dreamer. The way he hands out a cigar is suggestive of the rapier.

     Toronto News, 23 September 1904

Edwin Green was appointed as the Midland Bank's first archivist in 1974. From 1993 until his retirement in 2007 he was group Archivist at HSBC in London, where the records of the Midland's Overseas Branch are located.